Flying Elephant is a small-batch artisan chocolate brand, specialized in crafting premium drinking chocolate with love from Sri Lanka. Our careful selection of premium ingredients locally sourced from Sri Lanka, blended with ethically sourced cocoa from Brazil, to create a balanced and flavoursome hot or cold chocolate drinks.

At Flying Elephant, we are immersed in a love affair with cocoa, and we aim to share that love with everyone we meet so they too can experience the delights and diversity which our products offer. Flying Elephant contains 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Our focus is on offering a top-quality drinking chocolate which caters to a wide range of taste preferences.

Through our extensive experience working with cafes, we have been able to craft a well-balanced chocolate which pairs perfectly with milk in creating indulgent Hot Chocolates, Mochas, Iced Chocolate, Mocha Frappes and other drinks.


As the environment is an essential part of our business, the recent increase in elephant human conflict, and the wildlife conservation challenges, is something we wanted to meaningfully help and contribute towards. Therefore, we partnered with Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLWCS), as we believe they are a great partner for us in this cause, towards this in a transparent and long-term manner. We have pledged up to 3% of our profits towards this cause and also create more awareness around elephant and wildlife conservation.

At Flying Elephant, the ethically conscious approach to present you the perfect cup of chocolate that you can enjoy without any reservations, is something we strongly believe in and reflects in our values.


Rs 2,840.00 Rs 2,230.00
Rs 2,840.00 Rs 2,230.00
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