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Daily News - Brew the perfect cuppa

Brew the perfect cuppa


From providing cups of ‘inspiration’ to the ingredient that ‘happiness begins with’, coffee has inspired some catchy taglines, frequent coffee breaks, and long ‘catching-up-over-coffee’ meetings. With the hustle and bustle of daily life one hardly has time to wait and make a freshly brewed cup of coffee let alone enjoy one in a relaxed ambiance. With Soul Coffee Bags making it into the scene coffee lovers can rejoice. Their favourite cup of coffee is now available in a click and within reach of their fingertips. A unique concept by the country’s premier handcrafted coffee supplier Soul Coffee, Coffee Bags is the first product of its kind to enter the market. It is especially designed with convenience in mind so those who would like to indulge in a cup of fresh and flavourful coffee can brew it anywhere and at anytime. High quality Arabica beans grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka are handpicked and ground to make the coffee which is later packed into a tea bag. Place one of these in a cup and add boliling water and let it stand for a while and voila, you have yourself a cup of aromatic goodness. Sharing his ideas about the Soul Coffee Coffee Bags, Founder and CEO of the brand Rinosh Nasar said that the product was designed to fill a much needed void in the market. “You either have to buy your own coffee machine or spend time preparing and filtering coffee to get fresh and quality coffee. Soul Coffee Bags are something you can use on the go. It is easy to make and you will be able to make one easily for yourself anywhere,” he said.  
A speciality about Soul Coffee is that the coffee reaches its destination within 48 hours of roasting. This ensures that the flavours are in tact. Soul Coffee is delivered to hotels, cafes and retail outlets across the island. The coffee is available as Smooth Ceylon, Indulgence and Intense Espresso. 18 bags of coffee are available in one package of Soul Coffee Bags.